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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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[ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. . westerna >> a tribute workings a. connecting two different trag dec that share the same name, sandy. 26 play grounds are going to be built by communities on super storm sandy and each will bear the name much the sandep hook elementary school shooting. 10 will be built in new jersey and new york and six in connecticut.
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each will reflect the playground of the child or teacher it is name would. it is called, the sandy ground where angels play. that is how fox reports on saturday. i am harris faulkner. thanks for joining. 9:00 p.m. tonight judge pirro will look at the olympic star oscar pistorius who is accused of murdering his girlfriend. first huckabee is on. i will be with you with the news updates, center a great one. ♪ >> tonight on huckabee a paridize cruise turned hell on the high seas. cabins flooded and they were ankle deep in sewage. it was a miss. passengers relive a birthday
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cell that became a nightmare selection. >> we covered all of the discussion. >> the vice-president asked pals media to help his gun control cause. >> we'll have actions we can take. >> more executive order in the obama's second term and how will israel react to the president's trip there next month. the governor is there in israel to find out. ♪ welcome to huckabee. we are coming to you from tiberuous in israel and my thanks tower israeli crew and all of the folks back in new york to make this happen. >> i love track of how many times i have been to israel. it is over 20. i know why i keep coming back. i know how i felt here 40 years ago this summer when i
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was all of 18. israelites went 40 years in the wilderness under moses. but the past 40 years have not been in the wilderness for the people of the tiny real estate about the saz of jers jirs. i witnessed the dry bones coming to life and watched the desert boom with lush vegetation and trees and marvel to see the nation move from a struggling economy and barely able to equip its soldiers with uniforms and weapons and a center of world class medical care and elicational excellence and free speech and election. with the exception of jordan dictators and mad dogs and malicious mahem surround the country and israel created a true and modern democracy and
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gave its women the opportunity to vote and lead the radical nations bep hind and sanctioned honor killings and whole steal slaughter of their citizens who dared to peek of of freedom and thought. it is it okay to strap a bomb on a baby and turn it into a human bomb so it kills and maims other people's babies. president is coming to israel as president next i wish he would let me show him around. i brought thousands of people to show them the israel i love and expect. i fear it would be coordinated by the naive politician who think we need tolicature ally israel about expanding neighborhoods and in the land that god deeded to them long before the six day war and
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obama was born. inted he needs to express his colidarity who is never our enemy but stood with us against those who trained and supported and applaud the deranged fanatics who flew airports pentagon anded 14 people in fort hood and soldiers in little rock and planted ied's on the road side in stanford and iraq to kill those. i have a hard time convincing americans why it does matter that we act like friends to our friends and stop believes that our are not that different after all. >> israel is the only in the middle east who mirrors our equal of human beings and freedom and value of education and power of dissent even with one's only government and the
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right of the people to their government without ballots and bullets and bombs. the president could with draw the nomination of chuck hagel as defense security. he is so ignorant of the real enemy we face he believe that is iran can be trusted and israel can't. high would be better suited for taking tickets at yellow stone than defending against the treats. ip hope you will call and e-mail your senator to use common sense and while acknowledging that the president has the privilege to name his team. he doesn't have the right to put people on his team that betray the trust of the american people and the people of the world. that's my few. >> most of the over 4,000 persons who are on board of
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the carnival cruise ship are either home or on the way home. it is going to be a long time before they forget their ordeal. >> more than 4000 people stuck on a cruise ship that is dead in the water. a fire knocked out the ship's power. >> she was crying and said they had power or running water and no way to use the bathroom. >> people are sleeping on the ship's deck. >> she wanted her mommy to come and get her and i couldn't of course,! tug boats are towing it back to land and this afternoon another set back when one of the tow lines broke. >> she said the conditions are terrible . they had water but it was brown water and it was an awful trip. >> this is it a fox nuges alert. at any minute now the carnival
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triumph will arrive in the obama part. >> it was nolt a vacation. survival rodeit was smelly and bad. >> i am not angry just so happy to be home. >> and all right. joins me from san antonio, texas. brenda and her daughter in law got home after being strand happened on the cruise. when did you know something was wrong with the cruise you hoped to center a great time on? >> it was on sunday morning, an alarm, they did a pa announcement and calling for alphateam and 5:30 in the morning that's what we woke up to. i first disregarded it and it was not until panicked voice knocked on our door and said life jackets and life jackets and fire .
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we jumped out of our bed and just ran out and we opened the door and saw smoke and soon after that we could smil it. it very terrifying. >> that sounds incredibly horrifying. mersedes you and 31 family members were on the cluse, did you ever imagine this was going to be what the cruise would end up being? >> absolutely not. we were $there to have fun and celebrate my birthday and injoying minute of our adventure and our family could gather and we were just enjoying ourselves and then that moment happened . it was really terrifying and especially for me, because you know, i brought all of these people on board, and what if something happens, it is it my fault. they're hire and i felt like i needed to make sure they were
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all out of their rooms and hoping that just checking to see that everybody out. please, please, go, go . i waited until i staw they were all leaving their room and they announced it is okay. you don't have to go to the station. go back to your room. it is it okay. we'll let you know and keep you informed and we looked at each other and went back down to our rooms . began to wait . at that point, it was a matter of the waiting to know what was happening and what was going to happen next. the power went out and there was no light in some of the rooms. we had natural light coming through the port window and that is all we had at that point. >> brinda,ip want to ask you about the cruise crew. a lot of pime have been quoted
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saying a disaster. but how do you feel like they performed when all of this was going down? >> you know, at first, it was frustrating not knowing anything. we were waiting for hours and hours saying, and they were saying they were waiting for the engine to cool and for me that was frustrating because we were wait waiting and not knowing. once we knew we were not getting out of there soon. the crew was wonderful and did anything they could do to help us they would do it they were in constant lie chicking up on us . whenever they were able to restart power in the shows. they played movies and did comedies and scave anger for the kid and they did wonderful. >> mersedes their this was a big birthday celebration and a
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lot of fun. did you feel like a rerun of gilligans island or did it ruin your birthday? >> it ruined my birthday some what. but why were wable to get off of that boat alive and safely together. we had no injuries to any of our party and my cousin was taken off of the boat to get her dialysis. that was an enormous rescue effort by the coast guard and they took care of my quad plegic brother in law. six men carried him out of his room so he could be in a safer place. we were well taken care of and really that is it the best birthday gift and we made it
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out together and we had trust and faith and we were able to come out of it okay . in terms was being you know, safe and sound. >> brenda, i have to ask you, do you have cruise ploon scheduled for any time soon? >> no, not at any time soon, i think i will do it just not next month or any time soon. >> i thinkirve would understand why you want time off. i understand you giving praise to the crew and the way they handled it >> we look forward to the president's trip. back hope he threatened to make executive orders in the state of the union. we'll grade his performance next. before copd...
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of the most highly recommended bed in america, the tempur-pedic ergo system. treat yourself to the ultimate sleep experience and save up to $400 during the tempur ergo savings event. plus, visit for full details on our 0% apr financing with up to five years to pay. don't wait. five years special financing ends february 18th, and the tempur ergo savings event ends february 24th. visit now. tempur-pedic -- the most highly recommended bed in america. i >> state of the union address on tuesday night, the
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president urged congress to do more to combat climate change or else. >> if congress will not act soon to predict futures i will. i will direct mipe cabinet to come up with executive actions to reduce poingsing lusion and prepare our communities with the climate and sustain with energy. >> the president will deal with the issue by taking in his own hand. giving him a grade on the report card. president of the polling company and editor of above the law and here with me in israel. country star and political commentator larry gatlin. larry, let me start wu. the president said he doesn't want to wait for congress. he will act on hisoin.
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how do you grade the president for making the unilateral arrangement, >> art talks about economic issues. i have the gatlin curve. here a how i arrive at that. back in november 48 percent of the american people who voted, voted for congressman and senators to go to washington and make sure to see to it that president obama, the 44th did not become king barack the 1st. he called that obstructionism. the constitution calls it separation of powers. he call its politicalal demagogueraphy . i called at this time governorance . . i don't do that. my scale, i narrowed it down. i will give him bd which stands for bovine droppingings. >> i know what that means, larry.
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>> wilego torques llie from above the tough one to follow. what do you grade the president. >> i will give him an a. i know it bothers a lot of people when obama does something against president mccain. but obama got elected. he has the power to do something, right. >> yeah, something indeed but kelly ann something he get to do to act without regard to two other branches of government that are equal to the president and power. >> that is it the chief concern here, governor, the president has a track record four years of tramping on federalism. he disrespects it disavows it or doesn't understand it we have checks and balances for a reason. if he want to try to introduce and get congress to introduce
5:20 pm
he all to do that. but the reason he is saying this actually is it a sop. he is thanking them for a vote. but he doesn't realize 62 million people voted against him and because they are concerned about this and high himself did very little. a lot of news reportings his greatest failings is it a lack of action on climalty change. he spoke very little about it because he knows the way americans feel about they are not for two billion more dollars to go to green energy and a new commit eye call would the energy security trust. we have initiative necessary the private sector. you give the option of hugging a tree or wallet. the wallet wins. he nides to be care. >> we are aware thalt president got more votes than the people who voted against. this is it a where the climate change is it a clear and
5:21 pm
president danger. history will condemn him if he doesn't act. >> where was he for four years. >> we'll take another topic. the president had made a lot of promises in the first ferm and bunch more in the second term it is used to be call would shovel ready projects and now fix it first projicts and asking for another 50 billion. larry, how well did it work the first time and do you give him a. >> bd. >> same >> for those people who believe that are central plan taxpayer projects and instucture and all of theels urban. for mose of who believe it three words for them. robert b. bird. when he was elected to the congress in 1953 i think he employees. great state of the virginia was ranked 47 economically.
5:22 pm
we only had 48 and the it was next to last after a half billion dollars, which in today's dollars is a half trillion. they went to 50th. they added another state so they could be last instead of next to last. it is like two old boy necessary georgia who bought a truck and tried to statistical the water millons and went to georgia and bought them . sold them in atlanta for 50 cents a piece and said dear lord why need a bigger truck. >> kelly, the audience likes what larry is saying. >> we are talking about climate change and anybody in the northeast who is just lost power balse it rains or snows in the northeast, has to agree that our infrastructure needs fixing. we need more of the same poils
5:23 pm
to rebuild america. there is no question that our infraand roads and bridges are not working. unless we want them brought us by brookshire hath away. the government nide toz do it >> why is not the gas tax not doing what it was supposed tompt it was meant to go to the road and bridges . trying to use the hurricane and locust and floods . trying to scare. the president himself neeped toz come down and do what coneditson can't do in new york estate. the fox news polled that 73 percent of the americans believe that less spend reduced spending as opposed to 15 percent saying it would spur the economy. >> ellissand kelly and larry,
5:24 pm
thank you very much . great job. >> is scheduled to take his first trip to israel next month. coming up. israeli war herpo on what obama has to do to satisfy the people of israel. stay with us. . i would like to hear from you. go to my website at mike tell me what you think. or sign up for the facebook page and follow my on twitter. cufind a link to that and more on huck. in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>> in 2009 in the gingof hotdogs first term in office the president toured the middle east in europe apologizing for the actions of the administration and toward tha
5:28 pm
arab world. >> at times america has showed arrogance and been dismissive. >> the united states starts by dictating on the issues and we don't know all of the factors involved. i would like to think that with my election and the early ditions that we have made that you are starting to see some restoration of america's standing in the world. >> four years later the president decided it is time to pay a visit to our own reliable alley in the region. how will he be received. join uponing me is a war hero here in israel and a disting quish would. general, it is great to center you here. thank you for coming. four years ago, the president started his first term with an apology tour of arab nation and now his second term with
5:29 pm
his first visit to israel as president. what do you see as the significance and what do you anticipate from his? >> i think the president realized that the middle east has been so dramatical lie change would as you mentioned twice, israel remained the only reliable ally and the only stable cuentry and state that shares with america a score of common vules and you mentioned with fredom and et cetera and maybe president obama is coming to reestablish and in a way reassess middle east policy very much as a result of the dramatic changings and let's just remind the viewers and the
5:30 pm
audience how dramatically the region is change. no one knows what will happen in egypt. there is it signs of embryio democracy work out. >> the whole arab spring was supposed to bring all of the liberty and freedom. how that work? >> those titalian regimes are replaced by blood and fire and more fanatic regimes and groups . we don't know what will happen in syria. we are concerned about the stability of jordan and just try to imagine if jordan pass through this this arab spring and the radical islamic group dominate the spate with the longest behorder with israel.
5:31 pm
obama doesn't need to come with plans and forcing israel to do something but just listening. listen to what we say. the average israeli and the decision makers because we live here and understand the nature of the region better than anyone else and stow many times we were right about some problems that are around the corner. >> but the president coming to listen and that's not our experience as he is a not a listener but a speaker . he and prime minister much israel. prime minister netanyahu reportedly not had the most warm relationship. do you hope and think and even believe that part of the visit is to bring a new depth of
5:32 pm
understanding between these two leaders who need to be able to communicate. >> i want to believe because it is so much first of all necessary. it is it necessary that america and israel join hand and will be able to admit that the world, especially the region is not what some people in the first term in the white house thought it would be. so first, i think the president needs to come here with courage to open his eyes and reassess. we don't need any apology for mistakes which have been done. but we need understanding in the white house . that president obama is more mature and real estic and committed to the results and consequences of his policy. >> general, it is it a
5:33 pm
pleasure to have you here. god bless you and thank you. >> as the love birds across the globe celebrated valentine's day. on thursday, the main stream media love affair with the obama administration reached a point in the relationship where the vice-president is asking journalist to help him pass the gun control agenda. my reaction to that when we return. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz.
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>> live from america's news headquarterings, i am harris faulkner. the faa in florped is looking into why a small plane. norad reported that the sessnaflew in the temporary restricted space in palm city. f-16s escorted it to a nearby
5:37 pm
airport. south africa stunned over the rest of the a national hero. prosecutors think it premedicated. oscar pistorius is held pending a bail hearing. they deny charges that he shot reeva stine stein at his home on valentine's day. in three seconds we'll get you back to huckabee. >> last week we showed you how vice-president joe biden promoted gun control in his trip to france. this week he is back and on monday in philadelphia he asked his friends to help. >> we are counting on the legitimate news media to cover the discussion . >> the legitimate news media.
5:38 pm
what did he have in mind? i am sure he meant fox news channel. okay, so he didn't. the press was always intended to be the watch dog of american government. never the overfed lap dog of american governments which is exactly what it has become in trying to do everything possible to make the obama administration look good so the vice-president president instead of putting them arm's length gives them a great big hug and calls them his friends. nomit how it is supposed to wrork. >> threeings, clarence thomas and samuel alito and thee thee scalia were notice shows. scalia skipped it the fourth year in a row. i quote. it is turned into a childish spectacle. i don't want to be there to lend dignity to it that's why
5:39 pm
i like justice salia so much. few years ago, the supreme court justice came down to arkansas, we spent time out in the woods duck hunting. couple of things i learned about him. first of all he is a good shot and plain spoken in person as he is on the bench. i wish we had more people in politicings and in courts who say what they think and mean what they say and mean both of them. thank you, scalia for testimonying it like it is. nnext pope john paul ii shock happened the catholic church and the rest of the world when he made this announcement this week. >> after examined my conscious before god i came to a certainty my strength due to advanced age are no longer suited to the adequate
5:40 pm
exercise of the ministry. >> it was a remarkable announcement, first pope in over 600 years to actually step aside instead of leaving the papacy in the point much death. i want to say thank you, pope john paul ii . the reason why, as i would say thanks to your predecessor pope john paul ii. this is it a evangelical and not a catholic who appreciates the firm convictions of the catholic church and popes who decipeded that the purpose of the church is not a mere thermometer reflecting the culture of whatever the world happens to believe in the given moment, but believes that the church is to be the thermostat that can read the culture that is it prevalent in the world, but whose purpose is to adjust the temperature of the culture to what it ought to be . for that, i say thank you for faithful service to the bible, and to the traditions much
5:41 pm
gold's people. a good thing. well, scientist say that the meteor that streak would across the sky in russia on morning exploded with a force equivulent . atomic here's what the leader of russia said. those are not metorites falling, it is the americans trying out a new weapon. really? i think he must think that we have a great big bubble gum machine that we will fire on russia next. how people can get elected to public office is beyond me . i look at ouroin congress and realize that russia is not alone. all right. a luneatick cop goes on a killing and stow call would news agency try to jive his reasons .
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♪ snoit >> well, before he died in the aftermath of the showdown with police in a mountain cab and i know going on a murderous speed. forevermore la pd officer christopher dorner left a manifesto about class ware fare. several media outlets tried to
5:46 pm
show explanation. joining me is the washington examiner and authort of the book spin masters and how the media ignored t helped to reelect barack obama. there is an interesting development in the chris dorner issue in california. i never thought to see the media make a excuse for a murder of innocent people. nyou saw that portion suppressed by certain outfits. they would focus on the other things and leave it out and not post it on the website. it is true. they are jumping to make an excuse here for someone who is strong for gun control and when you have something happen
5:47 pm
and possibly the person might have something to do with concerted politics there is it a run to jump to conclusions. we saw it when james hol mes. he might tea party. not true . jard jard - jar delet ed laufener . saw when a man who flew his plane in the i.r.s.. he had a manifestero from karl marx . assumed he was a tea party nut. >> it is it amazing there are is not greater objectivity on what joe biden called on the legitimate new's media and then you have comment ators. i want to show you a clip. this is it from mark. on cnn talking like he is a hero,.
5:48 pm
>> as far as dorn dorn he was like a real life super hero. he was bad and when you read the message. he was not entirely crazy. he had a plan and mission and they are rooting for somebody who was rooted to get a revenge against the system. it is it like watching django in real life. >> unbelievable. he is comparing it to a popular movie and he made a lame amology. but the fact that he said that on national television. david, what's happened to what ought to be an honest media calms it fairly and objectively. >> you are seeing a classic case of the media framing something. it is it hard to frame mass murder in ape favorable way but you heard someone try to do it. look, both political and both sides of the political
5:49 pm
spectrum has the crazies. you can't say either side has a monopoly on violence and people who do stupid stuff. someone like that should know better and then going on television acts being like it was redeeming what dorner . >> marko rub rub gives the gop response to the state of the union. it a great speech. there a moment he reached over and got a class of water and it was an acward moment and he acknowledged it a acward moment and something that saturday night live will lampoon. msnbc ran it 155 times. 155 times. is it there any balance here. >> the media will awn go out of their way to play off embarrassing or looks bad about someone like rub rub who
5:50 pm
is a conservative rock star and rising in the republican party. this is their way of knocking somebody around and beating them up a bit. by the time if theyind up running for president or reelection, it is an opportunity to be used against them. we saw the sorts of thing hiked when it came to gaffes when romny made in the last election and things that were not that much of a gap. his trip to lond lond and reports about security that midia in london had been going over for weeks at that time. a chance to slap around therepublican and that's what you end up with. >> david, thank you for joining us it is it a pleasure and i will lift my glass to good friend marko rub rub. i think he is brilliant and perhaps the future of
5:51 pm
republicans and i say best wishes. [ applause ] >> on the one side a brutal president ordering the killing of his own people and on the other rebels with ties to quad quald. can merning choose sides in a civil war. we'll be right back. . [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. legs up, legs up, legs up ! red hot deal days are back. let nothing stop you.
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[ applause ] >> more than 150 fighters have been killed as rebels and forces loyal to syrian president bashar assad battles for the control of the airport in aleppo. the civil war kill would 70,000 people since it began two years ago. why should americans care about what is it going on in
5:55 pm
syria. it is great to see you. does it appear that the government of the assad is on the way to falling. he seems to have it is nine lives of a ploverbial caught. he was back nine months and he was gone in 36 hours and hillary clinton said his days are numbered. he has an ability to hold on and iran is supporting him . cemeteried by russia. they are supporting him and he has a long way to go. >> the u.s. has not intervened in syria as why did in libya. what is the difference here? >> you have the russians
5:56 pm
protecting syria in the united nations .... and second of all, you are learning now after the third or fourth time. the devil we know and what israel is looking at is it better thant devil we don't know. syrian rebels have ties to al qaeda. you think about what libya had in terms of womans. that is tonka toyce in tef of the syria with the defense . get to iranians in termless of tankings and armored personnel carriers. the stakings are much higher and united states and staud saud backing off and you know, we may not want to stee how it terms out and let them fight amongst themselves before the rebels are going to win. >> you covered the hot spots. you are right there on the front line. you ever get scared doing this
5:57 pm
stuff? >> being scared is what keeping you alive and you hope your mom is not watching. >> i bet she is. >> she does. >> it is great have you you here. be care employ. >> the sounds you are hearing. a virtoso on the violin who accompanies the group here in israel. it is it the national song of israel. it is it a word that means the hope. i think that is we all want to have for the middle east. hope for real peace and hope that it is lasting. >> one of the ways for that to happen is upon reasonable thoutsful and convictions to lead. earlier this week, i had the opportunity to visit with prime minister netanyahu of israel it is my belief if there is a churchhill for our
5:58 pm
days it is it benjamin netanyahu. a person with a historical perspect itch of understanding the strategic position of his country and my hope is when president obama comes, is that he will always rise to the level of leadership. we need churchhims and do not need chamberlains and people who see the wormed in a naive hope. that is my home hope. from tiberuous, israel. have a wonderful week. this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. this day calls you.
5:59 pm
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